The morning after a snowfall your driveway will be getting cleared by our tractor, your street will experience at least one city scheduled plowing, and cars will have substantially less control. Making the idea of playing in your driveway and street not only risky but extremely dangerous. So to avoid another tragic sledding accident or any other misadventure we are here to advise on ways you can safely navigate your winter wonderland fun.

Most people can agree that any level of pedestrian traffic and play in the street comes with a large collection of hazards and so we suggest you and your family utilize the area behind your house, the multitude of parks and trails in Truckee Donner, or even head out on a family adventure to the following areas dedicated to snowplay:

Kids playing in the streets are not our only concern. Many of us live off of the main streets of traffic flow and we enjoy the ability to leisurely walk our dog(s) without much need worry about what minimal local traffic there may be. Meaning that we enjoy being able to give our four legged family members an exercising walk off-leash, which can prove to be risky – especially in the earlier parts of the day.

It is VERY DANGEROUS to partake in activities in the streets during the winter because there is a large amount of snow removal equipment on the roads. Yes, including Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day! So if you do play in the street then please attempt to wait until the late afternoon:

  • Be mindful of your surroundings
  • Listen for tractors, plows and vehicle traffic
  • ALWAYS have a road spotter

See. We’re not totally trying to kill your buzz. We just advised you on how to safely play in the streets. WE STIILL DON’T ADVISE PLAYING IN THE STREETS, but if you must…then please be diligent.

All The Best,
Elements Mtn Co


Fallen Trees & Branches

Winter is here and with that we have had been noticing a seasonally normal amount of low hanging or fallen branches and trees in your driveways. We would like to remind our clients to please ensure that these branches and trees are removed from the area of your driveway that we clear.