Winter is here and with that we have had been noticing a seasonally normal amount of low hanging or fallen branches and trees in your driveways. We would like to remind our clients to please ensure that these branches and trees are removed from the area of your driveway BEFORE we arrive at your driveway to clear snow.

As it is stated in our Snow Clearing Info, Terms & Conditions agreement, under the HOMEOWNER RESPONSIBILITY section that it is the “Property Owner Parties” to keep your driveways clear of ANY obstructions, INCLUDING low hanging 0r fallen branches and trees.

Please remember that our snow removal contract is a partnership. If you are comfortable paying additional fees for our crew to keep your driveway clear of both obstructions as well as snow, then please feel free to contact us today about what those costs will be.

All The Best,
Elements Mountain Company


We are here to help Simplify Mountain Life for all residents we work with. If you need help clearing your driveway of fallen branches and/or trees, please contact us today!