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55 people and 70 tractors working together to provide you with the best possible snow removal and winter home access.

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The merger between Waltman Construction and SnowTech created the most reliable, most capable and most customer focused snow removal company in the Truckee area. Here are a couple of reasons why we hope you’ll consider working with us:

  • Shortest optimized routes for faster, more timely clearings when you need it the most
  • Two operational locations within Tahoe Donner for the fastest equipment deployment
  • GPS tracking in all of our equipment to provide you with the most up-to-date information
  • Snow removal clients receive 10% off summer home services – trust us for your year-round home maintenance
  • Proudly serving Tahoe Donner for 39 years – we’re proven and are here to stay

Forged from the best aspects of Waltman and SnowTech, Elements Mountain Company is built to provide you with the peace of mind knowing that you have Tahoe’s most capable, technologically advanced snow removal company working on your behalf.

Since the inception of Elements our goal has always been to create a snow removal and home services company that delivers an industry-leading client experience. Looking forward, over the next few years we are going to introduce a number of snow removal firsts, including a new digital radio system, GPS tracking of your snow removal tractor and an interactive occupancy status tracking system. We believe these services will further enhance your experience and allow us to deliver unrivaled service.

We are already well underway with an aggressive equipment upgrade plan. We have ordered three new tractors for delivery this fall in addition to the four new tractors that we purchased last winter. We are committed to having the most capable, productive and reliable snow removal fleet in the Sierra so that you can focus on enjoying your winters.

We’re not perfect, but we try hard and are committed to providing you with timely snow removal service and a quality customer experience. Please feel free to call us at (530) 582-0300 with any questions surrounding this season’s snow removal.

Why Use Elements? It’s A Culmination Of A Lot Of Small Things.

Shortest optimized routes — because we provide driveway snow removal to most your neighbors our tractors are always close to your house. Unlike smaller snow removal companies that have a handful of clients on many different street, our tractors are always within a short distance from your house. This allows us the flexibility to accommodate your schedule and provides us with greater clearing speed and efficiency. It also allows us to return to homes on heavy days to clear the driveway again or knock down the berm created when the roads are cleared.

Two operational locations within Tahoe Donner — our tractors are stored at one of our two locations in or adjacent to Tahoe Donner. Other snow removal companies store their tractors outside of Tahoe Donner and have to spend considerable time transporting their equipment into Tahoe Donner. We spend more time clearing driveways and less time driving to and between our clients, resulting in more timely, reliable snow removal..

GPS tracking — while this may seem like standard practice in this day and age, we’re the only snow removal company in the Tahoe area that monitors its fleet with GPS tracking. We can provide you with accurate information on the status of your driveway clearing and can make smarter decisions because we have more information than any other snow removal company.

Receive 10% off all summer services — Our goal is to be your year-round home maintenance partner, delivering you reliable craftsmanship, consistent quality, professional service and overall value with one easy phone call. We extend a 10% discount off of all of our summer home services (Paint/Stain, Deck Restoration & Driveway Sealing) to our snow removal clients. No other company is as committed to your satisfaction and long term partnership as Elements.

39 years of snow removal experience In Tahoe Donner — we’ve been providing snow removal in Tahoe Donner since 1979. Through big and small winters, we’ve seen it all and provided reliable, timely snow removal to our Tahoe Donner neighbors. We’re proven and here to stay.

Leading through innovation — No other company in the Tahoe area has transformed snow removal like Elements. While our competitors copy us and compete against us on price we’re constantly innovating to provide you with the best overall client experience at that best possible value. In the near future you will be able to see the status of your snow removal equipment, will be able to let us know when you’re at your Tahoe Donner home and will be able to order, schedule, track and pay for all of our home services through your online account.

Keep our air blue by supporting our green tractors — The fate of our environment starts with the decisions that we all make on a daily basis. We’re committed to replacing our old tractors with new, environmentally friendly equipment that emits a fraction of the noxious gases and pollutants. Please support us in our efforts to make the air we breath and the environment that we live in as safe and healthy as possible.

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Stop by anytime for a tour of our facility and to see our fleet of snow fighting equipment.

  • "We have appreciated your service and commitment in taking care of our property for the past many, many years."

    Julie, TD homeowner
  • "Thanks for all your do. We couldn’t use our house up here without you."

    Jon, TD homeowner
  • "These guys rock! They are the only reason I was able to hit a foot of fresh powder."

    Derek, Yelp! review
  • "From plowing to driveway sealing to house staining, for the past 5 years, Elements lives up to the World Class service they promote."

    Susan, Yelp! review
  • "It is great to have your company within our community. Thank you for providing a wonderful service."

    Dominic, TD homeowner
  • "You guys are great. I really appreciate the great care and consideration you show your customers!"

    Mary, Saint Bernard Drive
  • "We wish to thank you for your on-time snow removal service. Living on Pinnacle Loop we can’t enough appreciate your work and service."

    Parvin & Reiner Darabi
  • "Thanks for the great work you do clearing my driveway and thanks for keeping me informed of your schedule as well as each storm summary and road updates."

    Michael, Herringbone Way