Frequently Asked Questions–Defensible Space

Do you need my HOA inspection form? 

Yes.  For Tahoe Donner homeowners and any HOA with an initial inspection form, we would like to have it define the scope of work for the quote.


Are you going to take all of my pine needles down to dirt? 

No, with erosion control we leave a thin layer behind.


How long will my job take? 

Most jobs are usually less than 1 day.  If we need specialty equipment or are working on a large area, it could take longer.


Do you off haul all debris? 

Yes, we offer this in the options section on your quote.


Why does that tree need to be cut, it looks healthy? 


Do you remove the stumps from all trees cut? 

Depends on the size and homeowner preference.


Do I need to be at my home when you perform the work?



Do you need access to water or access into my house? 



Can I do some of the work on the bid myself? 

Yes, but this needs to be coordinated before the quote is signed.


What do I do with my firewood?  Do you sell the tarps to make my firewood stack compliant?

There are specific guidelines for where and how firewood can be stacked.  We do sell tarps and can add this to your quote.


How do you determine the price on my quote? 

Your quote is based on hazard, number of items needed to be completed, hours to complete, and amount of debris that needs to be off-hauled


Will you split my round for firewood? 

We can split firewood, depending on our schedule.


How quickly will I receive my quote? 

We work through bids as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  We prefer to have quotes back within 3 business days.  If you provide us with sufficient information about what you want and need, we are then able to expedite your estimate. We will also provide a more accurate time frame on your bid acknowledgment email.