The Town of Truckee is the agency responsible for clearing the roads in Tahoe Donner. They have four loaders and one sand truck dedicated to clearing Tahoe Donner streets. The tractors are stored at the Town of Truckee maintenance yard on Northwoods Blvd. near the intersection with Snowpeak Way.

The Town has divided Tahoe Donner into four roughly equal quadrants. Each tractor and associated equipment operator is assigned to clear one of these four routes. As with the private snow removal contractors, the time that your street gets cleared is subject to where your street falls on the Town’s route. Generally, a street will get cleared once per shift (more on shifts below).

The Town also has one sand truck assigned exclusively to Tahoe Donner. This truck is responsible for clearing and selectively sanding Northwoods Blvd. (from Donner Pass Road), Lausanne Way (from Northwoods to Schussing), Schussing Way, Alder Creek Road and Hansel Avenue. Because this truck moves rapidly it can clear these streets multiple times during a given shift. If you live or drive on one of these streets you may have noticed that there is never more than a couple of inches of snow on the street at any given time.

From mid December to mid March the Town employs both a day and night street clearing crew. Shift start times are 6:00 am for the day crew and 6:00 pm for the night crew. During a continuous snow storm the Town will usually clear each street twice, once during the day shift and once during the night shift.

Before mid December and after mid March the Town lays off its seasonal snow clearing operators and only staffs enough equipment operators for one crew. During this timeframe the Town only runs its street clearing crew during the day and does not clear streets at night.