Consider auditing the visibility of your home’s 5 digit street numbers. If you have a difficult time seeing these numbers then emergency services like the Fire Department and Police Department, your snow removal provider and your guests will also have a tough time locating your home.

Tahoe Donner’s Architectural Rules mandate that house numbers must be at least 4 inches tall and mounted on your house or garage. Tahoe Donner also allows for house numbers to be posted on your garbage can enclosure. While not specified in the Architectural Rules house numbers that are constructed of shiny metals like polished stainless steel are prohibited while brushed metal finishes are allowed. Tahoe Donner does not allow illuminated house numbers.

The Truckee Fire Protection District recommends that homes have reflective numbers that are at least four inches tall and that contrast with the background. Visible house numbers will help emergency services locate your home, possibly saving precious seconds or minutes during an emergency.

For optimal visibility consider installing house numbers that are at least 6 inches tall and that contrast with the color of the background that they are mounted on. Install your house numbers on the easiest place to see them from the street, whether this be above your garage door, on the beam supporting your front deck or on the closest part of your house to the street. Consider also installing reflective numbers on your garbage can enclosure.