Reducing Downtime & Giving You Faster Snow Removal

Most snow removal companies, including all in Tahoe Donner (and Elements), use steel rebar to secure the PVC stakes into the ground. Unfortunately, when a tractor runs into a stake and sucks it up in its snowblower, this rebar often damages the snowblower and causes up to an hour of lost productivity.

We have developed a snow-staking solution that does not rely on rebar to secure the PVC stake into the ground. Working with an engineer and a product development company, we’re now on our 4th generation of solid PVC snow-staking solution. Our new two-part snow stake incorporates a solid PVC lower unit with a tapered tip that is driven into the ground and a hollow PVC upper unit that slides onto the base to provide sufficient height for our heavy snow accumulations.

When a tractor hits one of these new stakes, the stake breaks apart and doesn’t stop or break the tractor. In the areas where we have tested these stakes over the past few years, we have noticed a considerable reduction in tractor downtime and more timely snow removal clearings.

We lose hundreds of hours of downtime each season to rebar-related equipment downtime. These new two-piece solid PVC stakes allow our tractors to remain productive, providing you with a better, faster, and more reliable snow removal experience.

We are going to continue phasing in this new product over the next few years, so expect to see them in your driveway soon.