We have seen a large amount of snowfall this winter and it looks like we are about to welcome in another Miracle March! With all of this snow accumulation, we want to ensure your snow poles remain visible for our operators to keep your driveway clear and accessible. So we put together a video visual to see how easy it is to ensure your poles are cleared and visible.

Why do this? Snow stake markers are common in large snowfall areas that need human snow removal rather than waiting for Mother Nature to melt it away. Every winter, our tractors encounter snow-covered objects that cause damage to both your home and our machines. No one wants to lay fault or blame for these snow-covered mishaps. But, the reality is that damages are expensive, they delay our service, and the repair bills are high. That is why we use snow poles to mark your driveway. 


Though our removal service does not offer snow stake clearing, we partner with a few shovel services that would be happy to come take care of your driveway markers. So feel free to check out our reference page for a great shovel service!