We are constantly looking for ways to improve our snow removal operations and the customer experience. That is why we are extremely excited to announce the launch of our new proprietary snow removal software program.

This program is five years in the making and does much more than most delivery-based route management software programs. 

What does it do? The GPS-focused program connects to our custom-built client portal software and allows our operations team to get real-time data that allows us to see where your operator is, where they are going and where they have been. It even allows us to see how many passes your operator made in your driveway and how fast they were going.

What does it mean for you? This means that Elements has the most accurate idea of when your driveway has been cleared if it has been cleared, and whether or not it was completely cleared due to an object being in the driveway.  This will allow us to catch missed driveways (or driveways that had objects in them) and clear them before our operators return to the headquarters. This program also allows us to see exactly what routes need more help so your driveways are cleared, even in the case of a tractor breakdown.

What’s next? Elements’ snow removal clients will have the option to receive notifications via text or email about the clearing status of their driveway. With this option, clients will be notified shortly before your driveway will be cleared so you can move cars, etc from the driveway and confirmations right after your driveway has been cleared so you know you are coming home to a clear driveway.

Are We Clearing Your Driveway This Winter?

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