Leave An Interior Light On To Help Us Identify That You’re Home

We clear every home everyday we run our snow removal operations. But you can help us make sure that we clear your driveway as early as possible if you help us identify that you’re at your Tahoe Donner home.

On heavy snow days the speed at which we can clear each driveway slows down. On these days our Operations Manager will often instruct our snow removal operators to skip over homes that don’t show any sign of life in order to clear occupied homes as early as possible. This allows us to provide access to people who are at their Tahoe Donner home as early as possible.

The best way to help us determine if your home is occupied is for you to leave an interior light on that is visible from the front of your house. In situations when we skip ahead to occupied homes our snow removal operators are taught to look for signs of occupancy, which include visible lights, cars parked in driveways, tire tracks into the garage, snow shoveled from in front of the garage door and any changes from their previous clearing experiences.