Hazard trees and limbs have structural defects that are likely to fail. These defects are an ever-present hazard on many properties here in the Sierras, yet too often we are unaware of the risks associated with these defective trees and limbs. Many of these are defective from age, disease, and (more pertinently) fire. 


In order to assist in keeping your property and family safe during this coming winter, we ask that you keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Be aware of your surroundings as trees can fall without warning. Be particularly watchful when it’s windy or following a snowstorm when branches are covered with snow. Try to void parking in areas where trees could fall.
  • Clear out dense patches of dead trees. Limbs and damaged trees may fall at any time. Trees without needles, bark or limbs may indicate structural defects. Trees with conks, broken tops, basal scars, numerous downed limbs, ants, or an abundance of woodpecker holes may have internal rot.
  • Beware of hazardous trees due to ice storms or insect damage. Ice storms can inflict serious damage to trees, uprooting or breaking off large limbs. Cracks can develop in large branches which, although they are damaged, do not fall from the tree. These branches can present a hazard to people or property long after the ice has melted in May.
  • Look up while out on trails, especially when it’s windy. Try to stay away from forested hikes when there are strong winds that could blow down trees. If you are already in the forest when winds kick up, please head to a clearing out of reach of any potential falling trees.
  • Park in your garage or under a strong covering to avoid waking up to a damaged vehicle

Lastly, we here at Elements Mountain Company offer tree service for our local North Lake Tahoe Community and would love to come by to inspect your property for any and all potentially hazardous trees and limbs. So if you are unsure about the strength of the vegetation on your property then give us a call!


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