A snow removal route is a collection of homes within close proximity that are serviced by one equipment operator and specialized snow removal tractor. This winter Elements has 45 geographically unique routes in Tahoe Donner.

We structure each route so that all homes on the route can be cleared in about 4.5 to 5 hours during a 6 to 8 inch snow event and in about 6.5 to 7 hours with a 12+ inch snow event.

Each operator is assigned to a specific route. Because each operator clears the same homes every clearing shift the operator learns the fastest, most effective manner in which to clear each driveway. This also allows the operator to learn the occupancy habits of the homeowners on this route and make adjustments whenever possible to provide the most timely clearings.

As we gain or lose clients on any given year our routes may change slightly from the previous year. However, it’s our goal to keep our route structure as close to the previous year’s flow to provide our clients with a level of timing and performance predictability.

You can help us provide the best, most timely snow removal service by committing to our snow removal service as early as possible. The earlier we can accurately identify our route structure and start familiarizing our operators on the homes they will clear the quicker we can provide you with timely, thorough snow removal.

Homeowner’s Role In Snow Removal

Snow removal is a partnership between Elements, the Town of Truckee and you. We all have an important role to play. Working together we can effectively manage snow, even in the biggest winters.