We recently wrote an article requesting our snow removal clients to Please Leave A Light On, but we need to ensure you understand that needs to be an interior light that faces the road. 

In 2018 Tahoe Donner passed a new ‘Light Pollution’ rule. This new rule requires that all exterior lights must be turned off between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. Lights that are on motion sensors and activate automatically are not subject to this new rule and can remain on.

In the past we have encouraged you to leave a light on at your house during snow storms to help us identify as occupied. To comply with Tahoe Donner’s new rule we now specify that you leave an interior light on that is visible from the street to help us identify the occupancy of your home during snow storms. Interior lights are not subject to the new ‘Light Pollution’ rule and may remain on throughout the night.

It is helpful to leave an interior light on when it is snowing and we’re clearing driveways. It is not necessary to leave your lights on during non-snow periods.

During most snow clearing events we are able to clear most homes by the time you need to leave in the morning. To provide you with timely service during heavy snow events we try to clear all occupied homes as early as possible. You can help us identify your home as occupied by leaving a visible interior light on.