The physical and psychological benefits to updating the interior paint of your home are significant, but are often overlooked.

Most homeowners and real estate professionals will agree that painting is a quick and easy way to update or refresh a home, increase home value, enhance curb appeal, and hide stains or marks are the most obvious benefits we think of when we talk about painting. Home Maintenance professionals will emphasize how paint protects both the exterior and interior surfaces of your home, and they are correct. Especially living in the mountains, protecting the surfaces of your home is a valuable and necessary investment.  

Healthier Quality of Air Indoors

You and your family can have healthier indoor air by painting interior walls and other surfaces with zero-VOC or low VOC finishes and paints. It will also reduce fumes and odors. If you have family members with chemical sensitivities, or young children with developing lungs, you can still paint using the newer, low-VOC paints.

Minimize Dirt and Dust

Painting interior walls and trim, especially plaster walls, helps to keep dirt and dust to a minimum. Minimizing dirt and dust will help family members prone to allergies.  Walls with fresh paint stay cleaner and are easier to clean. All of this maintains a healthy living space.

Positive Effects on Mood and Energy

Even with all the buzz about color therapy, we still underestimate how much the colors in our home affect our moods. Changing the colors that surround you can affect your entire outlook on your home and living conditions. Colors create an ambience and environment that affects mood, energy and disposition. The effects of color on human beings is well known to scientists and researchers. For perception, white or light paint causes small spaces and rooms to appear larger. Bright, vibrant and fun colors can add an element of cheerfulness to any room, including a playroom, game room or family room. Cheerful colors such as red, yellow or orange in kitchens have even been shown to enhance enjoyment of food and cooking.

Specifically, for a relaxing bedroom or sitting room, try painting it in soft pastels of blue or green, colors that are associated with a calming influence. If you tend to feel anxious or have a challenge relaxing, avoid bright colors such as red or orange. On the other hand, if you tend to feel sluggish, vibrant colors can have an energizing effect.  Colors such as yellow or violet can add to feelings of joy and happiness. Even an accent wall in yellow can add to the positive energy in your home. To improve concentration, green, teal, mint or turquoise are excellent color choices.  

Whether you’re looking to add color and detail to your current home, or a new home, our in-house color experts can help. We spend the time to ensure your home evokes feelings and promotes the energy you desire. Our goal is to provide aesthetic appeal that provides a lasting impression and outstanding value with 100% customer satisfaction. Call Elements Mountain Company for expertise in finding the right painting solutions, and professional skills you can trust to meet your highest expectations.



Great paint and stain work starts and ends with experienced, hard-working craftsmen.  Then add products that are proven to hold up to the Sierra’s harsh climates and you’ll get the longest lasting, most thorough exterior protective coating.

We work hard to deliver a professional experience from the moment that you request your estimate until you are fully satisfied with your finished product. We’re also value driven and make sure that the work that we provide and the products that we use will last longer and increase the time between applications.

 Most of our painters have worked with us for years. We hold them to high standards and make sure that they deliver industry-leading results. Our painters are provided with the correct training, protection and tools to work safely and efficiently.