And it continues to keep coming, which has kicked our snow season preparations into overdrive! So if you you have signed a snow removal contract and are stressed about the oncoming storm scheduled to hit Tahoe Donner with snow by this coming Monday, October 25, 2021 but only see two poles in your driveway? Our teams are marking your driveway ahead of the fast approaching storm!

What if my driveway doesn’t get, or have, any poles by Monday?

We will still clear your driveway if you don’t have snow poles up yet!

If your driveway only gets two poles, or no poles at all, by Monday we have instructed our operators to plow conservatively until we can get all snow poles up installed after this next snow storm. Once the storm has passed we will go around to all homes and finish staking properties.

Final Note: Did you just sign up for our snow removal service?

Once you have signed up for our snow removal service we ask you to please keep in mind that it takes our team 2-3 days to update our service route to include your driveway. However, it can take a little longer for us to install snow poles.