We gladly install your driveway’s snow stakes but we need your help to maintain them. Over the course of the winter these stakes take a beating. They get hit by snow removal equipment, homeowner’s vehicles and can sometimes collapse under the weight of the snow.

We have installed over 40,000 snow stakes this year throughout Tahoe Donner. We simply do not have the resources to maintain them. This is where you can help us. Please keep your snow stakes as straight as possible so that our equipment operators can use these driveway markers to clear the maximum amount of your driveway. Sometimes it’s as easy as grabbing the stake from the lowest exposed point and bending it to a vertical position. At other times you may have to take a shovel and dig around the stake to expose its base in order to straighten it or remove the PVC and drive the rebar into the ground further with a hammer.

It’s going to take a little work on you part, but the result will be a wider and more accessible driveway. Thanks in advance for your help.