Talk with any Tahoe-based business owner and they will tell you that their biggest challenge is retaining good employees. And the problem is more difficult for snow removal companies whose employment needs are both seasonal and part-time.

Here’s how we’re addressing the issue of hiring and retaining good, reliable employees in a tight job market:

First, we create year-round job opportunities for our snow removal employees by offering them jobs in our Paint/Stain, Driveway Sealing, Construction and Fleet Maintenance departments. We provide our employees with a full-time, year-round paycheck along with health and dental benefits and a retirement plan with an employer match. No other snow removal company has as many year-round employees as we do at Elements.

Next, we pay a competitive wage to deserving employees. Good employees are in high demand and are a company’s best assets. We reward productive, reliable employees with a fair, competitive wage and generous benefits package for our industry.

Lastly, we create an environment that values our employees and expresses our gratitude. We treat our employees with respect and create a friendly, trusting culture where they feel safe and welcome. Other small things, like providing daily drinks and snacks and monthly crew lunches, also give us an edge in a competitive job market.

We take employee retention seriously and are pro-actively working to ensure that we get 55 reliable, hard-working people to show up on a snowy day at 2:00 am. Local employers that aren’t addressing employee retention now won’t be around very long.