If you’ve seen our tractors clearing snow in your driveway you know that we move quickly. Our operators are focusing on being productive and safe in the tight confines of your driveway and are hyper-focused on their task.

Should you need to approach one of our operators please make sure that you make eye contact with the tractor operator and that the operator acknowledges your presence. Please do not approach the tractor until it has come to a complete stop, the engine has been idled down and the snowblower auger (spinning thing at the front of the tractor) comes to a complete stop.

When you are in the vicinity of snow removal equipment please be aware that the tractor operator may not see you. You should allow plenty of space between you and the actual or projected path of the tractor. We will do everything in our power to ensure your safety during our snow clearing shifts but we encourage you to also be alert, use logic and take responsibility for the safety of you, your family members or pets.