Here’s the reality with snow removal:

• Most snow clearing days only require one daily clearing to remove all snow from your driveway.
• Most storms are short duration events that drop snow during a limited period.
• All snow is removed in one clearing on about 65% to 70% of all days that we clear driveways.

When snow continues to fall after our initial clearing there are generally two scenarios.

The first scenario is when a nominal amount of snow falls after we clear your driveway. On these occasions when the snow that falls after we cleared doesn’t pose an access issue our crews will clear this snow on next snow clearing shift, generally the following day.

The second scenario pertains to heavy, sustained snow events when snow continues to fall at a rapid pace for a prolonged period of time. On these days our crews work extended hours and try to clear all driveways twice during a 24 hour period. During a regular season only about 10% to 20% of the days that we clear driveways will require more than one clearing per day.

To summarize, there are a small number of days (maybe four to eight) during the course of the entire winter that require a second clearing to maintain access to your driveway. On these limited days Elements works to clear your driveway multiple times so that you will have the best possible access to your home.