Wouldn’t it be great if we could have your driveway cleared for you every morning without fail? Sadly, the timing of our snow removal is subject to the unpredictable timing of winter storms. The time and rate of accumulation of each snow event is different and poses different snow removal operational and timing issues.

Some days you may wake to find snow in your driveway and assume that we either failed to clear your driveway or that we did not run a snow clearing shift. More often than not the issue is that the snow did not accumulate until later in the morning, thus delaying our start time until later in the day.

Historically about 75% of our snow clearing shifts occur during the middle of the night and allow us to complete our driveway clearing before you need to leave your house in the morning. However, there are days when the timing of the snow accumulation doesn’t allow us to start at our preferred 2:00 am start time and work through the night.

On snow clearing days we try to send our Daily Email Update to you by about 7:00 am. Please look for this email as this will provide you with insight into our snow clearing plans for the day.

Rest assured knowing that we are monitoring the timing of the snow accumulation and will start clearing driveways as soon as possible. Many sleepless nights are spent checking snow depths throughout Tahoe Donner and waiting until we get the required amount of snow to trigger our snow clearing.