Sometimes there is nothing better than talking to someone in person. That’s why our office is staffed with friendly, intelligent employees to answer your questions or address your concerns.

We try to provide you with relevant information through our daily snow clearing emails and monthly email newsletters so that you know our snow clearing plans and understand what to expect from us. But we encourage you to call us if you are ever uncertain of our intentions, have a specific request or would like to address a problem you have with our service.

We make it a priority to try to answer all inbound phone calls during business hours, especially on snow days or questionable weather days. And if a call rolls into our voice mail system we respond to it as quickly as possible. We believe that all messages deserve acknowledgement and a response from us.

If any aspect of our service is troubling you please give us a call so that we can address your issues. You will find that we are accommodating and can usually address your concerns and come up with an acceptable solution.