As you probably know, brine is a solution of salt and water. One of the applications for brine is that it can minimize the build up of ice on roadways.

Last winter the Town of Truckee piloted a brine distribution program on select Town roadways with great success. Following in the footsteps of Caltrans’ successful adoption of brine to mitigate ice and snowpack on highways the Town has increased its brine usage this winter.

The Town’s brine program targets certain high traffic areas, like intersections, as well as steep roadways and shady sections of road. The Town’s brining vehicle (pictured above) distributes this saltwater mixture on roadways before an anticipated snow event. This brine solution helps prevent snow and ice from adhering to roads and allows their plow trucks to better scrape snow from roads and prevent ice build up.

In and around Tahoe Donner the Town distributes this brine solution on Northwoods Blvd. from Donner Pass Road up to the intersection of Northwoods and Northwoods, up the west side of Northwoods to Christie Lane and up the east side of Northwoods to Julian Avenue (near Z Marketplace). They also brine sections of Lausanne Way to Schussing Way, Schussing Way to the intersection of Alder Creek Road and sections of Alder Creek Road, including the intersection with Highway 89 and the S-turn area near the Tahoe Donner campground.

The drawback to brining roads is that it is corrosive to vehicles. This is why the Town uses brine sparingly. Be careful not to follow the Town brine truck too closely and wash your vehicle as soon as reasonably possible after a snow event.