Most Tahoe/Truckee area homes are stained with transparent oil stains (think SuperDeck, Preservawood, Gemini TWP, etc). Transparent oil stains are just that – transparent. These stains are designed to display the beauty of your wood siding.

Because these stains readily show the wood grain it is important that the preparation and cleaning of your home be done properly to achieve the best possible look and outcome. Tannin and mildew stains, water marks, old stain oxidation and grease spots will all show through newly applied stain if not treated properly.

Proper wood preparation treatments often include the use of special wood brighteners and cleaners as well the use of pressure washers equipped with the correct spray tip to ensure proper cleaning. Improper preparation techniques can leave unsightly stains and/or permanently damage or fur wood.

If you are having work performed on your home’s siding this year consider asking your contractor about the skill level of the person who will be preparing your home for stain as well as the techniques and chemicals they intend to use.