Wood is an organic material that is prone to rot and decay if not treated properly. Our harsh weather conditions can dry out and wear off the protective coating that protects your house and deck, whether it be a oil-based stain, water-based stain or paint. Without protection, your wood can deteriorate rapidly from prolonged exposure to a whole host of elements, including moisture, mold and mildew, sunlight, dirt, food, other liquids, even air pollution.

Treating exterior wood provides many benefits. It helps preserve and protect the wood from warping, cracking and splitting. It prevents water from absorbing into the wood and promoting wood rot. It stops UV damage and helps maintain the color of the wood. It eliminates mold and mildew growth that can discolor the wood.

Penetrating wood finishes are absorbed into the wood, soaking the fibers and filling the surface pores so that water can’t get in. Many penetrative finishes contain wood preservatives that make them great for outdoor use as they fight mildew and fungus and, in some cases, insect infestation. Good protective finishes have inhibitors that prevent damage from harmful UV rays.